the D-Vine Pro​

Designed by and for the on-trade

​With the D-Vine Pro, you can ensure optimum service conditions for every 100 ml glass of wine, with proper aeration and temperature control to the exact degree. Expertly served wine, now at an even faster speed!​

D-Vine Pro



A power outlet is all you need to start using the D-Vine. The integrated rinse tank avoids downtime for system cleaning.

Instantly usable by your teams
And/or in self-service mode

Each step is explained on the screen so that no user assistance is required.

Digital content
For each wine

Enjoy access to information on the wine’s producer and expand the wine knowledge of your staff and/or customers.

Performance mode

Cooling system stays active for five minutes to save you time between serving two glasses of wine.

Sommelier mode

Temperature selection function that your Sommelier can use.


D-Vine classique


D-Vine Connect

  • Nouvelle grille d’aération
  • Gain en ergonomie et en facilité d’utilisation
  • Suppression des temps morts en service


D-Vine Pro

  • Augmentation du volume du réservoir d’eau
  • Détection 360°
  • Optimisation de la boucle de régulation
  • Architecture 8 spires
  • Augmentation des performances thermiques
  • Diminution du temps d’écoulement
  • 50% plus rapide que la D-Vine Connect

Your glass of wine

Served to perfection
Ideal aeration

In contact with oxygen, wine opens up and expresses all of its aromas. The D-Vine system provides the equivalent of three hours of aeration.

Temperature control to the exact degree

A wine that is too warm will be all alcohol, while a wine that is too cold won’t show its full aromas. The D-Vine solution enables a precise service temperature for each wine.

Fast service

The D-Vine Pro offers expert-level service, with aeration and ideal temperature in 40 seconds.

A unique way

to serve wine by the glass

Serving wines by the glass means opening bottles and when business is slow often leads to waste. D Vine wine flacons contain a 10 cl serving and are the ideal way to serve just one glass.

Flacon preparation process

We use a patented and proven system to transfer the wines to the flacons from the bottle. In order not to alter the wine in any way, no contact with air or addition of oxygen takes place.


Made exclusively from glass and aluminium, D-Vine flacons are fully recyclable, just like a traditional wine bottle. The weight-of-glass-to-wine ratio for a flacon is also identical to that of a wine bottle.


Flacons have a three-year best-before period, during which the wines conserve their optimum taste. It is advised to store them away from light.


Our flacons feature an NFC-enabled chip which transmits the service instructions to the D-Vine.

An incredible selection

featurng iconic wines

Our in-house wine adviser Béatrice Dominé ensures that our wine selection features a large choice of styles and vintages from some of the finest wine estates. Our focus is on beautifully made wines that are respectful of people and the environment.

Benefits of the D Vine

Pfor your hospitality business

Boosts your image & sales

The D Vine is just like having a sommelier at your fingertips. It increases by-the-glass wine sales by an average of 20%.

Increase net profit

With premium by-the-glass wines and zero wastage, you’ll generate an additional net profit of 50% to 100% per glass.

Premiumizes sales

15% to 50% of customers of our 600 D-Vine user businesses prefer to select a higher range wine if they can.

Dedicated & personalized​
customer care


Dedicated customer service department


Training for your teams


Express 48-hour delivery


Loan of a replacement machine in the event of breakdown

Ask for a demo

Free demonstration in your establishment.

Customer service
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