A wine selection

guided by a quest for quality​

The dVine wine list put together by our oenologist, Béatrice Dominé, features an immense wealth of great vintages and a lovely range of wines produced in an ecofriendly and fairtrade approach. This typical selection covers the wide diversity of winegrowing terroirs.

So you can serve your customers a glass of Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru Domaine Muzard Lucien & Fils, a Côte Rôtie Domaine Pichat, or why not a Pessac-Leognan Château Carbonnieux.


a passion

Because the dVine story would never have begun without the remarkable work of our partner winegrowers, we are committed to showcasing their savoir-faire and conveying their passion. All our winegrowers take an ecofriendly approach, using responsible cultivation techniques (43%), and organic or biodynamic methods (50%).

Each wine comes with full details of the winegrower’s background and a description of the wine’s aromatic content, as well as serving advice, allowing your customers and staff to enhance their knowledge of the world of wine.

Our partner


Alain Brumont

Châteaux Montus & Bouscassé

Alain Brumont is an extraordinary winegrower and a true icon of the winegrowing world. He has a passion for the Gascon terroir and has spent the last 30 years nurturing his precious art. Working in harmony with nature, Alain Brumont​ has succeeded in creating his own style and building the reputation of the Montus and Pacherenc du Vic Bilh appellations. In just a few years, Château Bouscassé, Château Montus and Château Torus have become symbols among the great wines.

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