vin rosé
Rosé has become the “in-thing” for summer over the last few years. It’s a wine that evokes the Provençal life…
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Whether a wine lover or not, like most people you probably know that it is important to let wine breathe.…
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Chateau Beaujolais
Situated to the south of Burgundy is the much-loved French wine region of Beaujolais, the land of Gamay.Beaujolais has a…
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Burgundy Vineyards
The region of Burgundy, in north-eastern France, is 250 kilometres long from north to south and has 25,000 hectares (62k…
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The origin of a wine
In this article, our oenologist offers you a remedial course on what constitutes and characterizes a wine. Grape varieties, terroir,…
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So Left Bank!
The Margaux appellation joined the D-Vine range recently, giving us the opportunity to (re)discover the left bank of the Bordeaux…
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On the floral theme
When white wine speaks in flowers, the D-Viner becomes a horticulturist… Wines contain several families of aromas. The arrival of…
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