Clients Testimonies

D-Vine experience at Château des Tourelles ****

Wondering how the D-Vine experience looks within our partner establishments? Monsieur Moreau, Catering Manager at Relais Thalasso Château des Tourelles **** responds to our questions and explains how D-Vine became part of the furniture. His establishment has been equipped since 9th June 2017 and the customers have embraced it.

Could you present your establishment in a few words?

With 105 rooms, Château des Tourelles offers a rare blend of hedonism and relaxation. This blend embodies the spirit of wellness that reigns in this venue where pleasure and wellbeing are our core business. You come here to unwind, enjoy yourself, be entertained and feel good. The Château stands at the tip of the Baie de la Baule, encircled by ancient trees and offering plunging views over the ocean.

D-Vine was a groundbreaking device, allowing us to serve French and international Grand Cru wines at their ideal temperature, and even to purchase them in flacons

How did you know about the D-Vine system and what made you decide to install it?

We had heard about it from the business media, before trying it on the premises. D-Vine seemed ideal for Château des Tourelles as we are constantly looking out for new features for our customers to discover. But D-Vine was more than a novelty, it was a groundbreaking device, allowing us to serve French and international Grand Cru wines at their ideal temperature, and even to purchase them in flacons.

How did the installation go? Did your staff take to it quickly and easily?

It couldn’t have been simpler. The D-Vine machine arrived ready-assembled from the factory which, as it happens, is just a few kilometres away from Château des Tourelles. That was another advantage, the fact that it’s a local innovation.

The staff got used to it very quickly. It’s so easy to use that it doesn’t take long at all.

Where is your D-Vine installed?

It’s in the main bar of the hotel, right on the counter where it catches the eye of arriving customers. Its innovating design blends perfectly into the decor of our bar. It appeals to clients, they take a closer look and decide to try it. With our heavy stream of customers we decided to equip our establishment with a second D-Vine device.

Which D-Vine wines are on your list and why did you choose them?

The range varies with the seasons and as new wines become available. We aim to include Grand Cru wines, since the machine allows it, as well as wines waiting to be discovered and some more well-known appellations. A wide range to satisfy a maximum number of customers.

How do your customers react to D-Vine?

First they are curious. They discover a list of “wines by the glass” and important information about their quality: typical characteristics, ideal (and actual) serving temperatures, names of the estates and the grape varieties, etc. It’s an amusing, customised list that tempts our customers. Their first glass is a trial run, usually one of the lower-priced wines. Once they grasp the concept and fall under the charm, it’s not unusual for them to move on to a Grand Cru.

What advice would you give to a future D-Vine owner?

Not to hesitate! The product is unique, the after-sales service is efficient, and innovation always goes down well with our customers. A dedicated team is on hand to meet your needs and offer all sorts of opportunities: wine by the glass, gifts, etc.