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D-Vine launches its PRO version

D-Vine Pro

The D-Vine PRO, which has been on test by sommeliers and front-of-house staff since the re-opening of restaurants in June 2021, is set to become the hospitality industry’s new assistant.

D-Vine PRO, 11 years of R&D in the making

The launch of the D-Vine PRO, which follows on from the D-Vine Classic and D-Vine Connect, is the result of 11 years of R&D and five million euros of investment. This new version of the D-Vine has been designed by and for hotel and restaurant professionals, meeting their needs better than ever. The D-Vine PRO is ultra intuitive, easy-to-use and offers steadfast reliability. It will also save hospitality industry users time, offering a 60% gain in time overall compared to a standard D-Vine.

New Functionalities

Instantly usable by your teams or customers

 A power socket and a jug of water are all you need to enjoy the D-Vine experience. Step-by-step user instructions as well explanatory videos and wine information are provided on its screen.

D-Vine PRO
D-Vine PRO

40% faster service time

With the D-Vine PRO, users enjoy faster service thanks to enhanced thermal performance (for quicker temperature adjustment) and a shorter pouring time.

A three times larger water tank

The new D-Vine is equipped with a three times bigger water tank and provides faster pouring. The tank is also fitted with a sensor to alert users when it is nearing empty.


360 detection

 The new D-Vine offers optimum flacon detection even when the wine flacon is facing the wrong way.

Detection of flacon piercing

The D-Vine PRO can now detect when a wine flacon has been pierced. This function makes it possible to visualize the remaining pouring time on the touch screen. Inventory and supply management is also optimized as a result.

The D-Vine Day, Launch of the D-Vine PRO

To mark the launch of the new D-Vine PRO, we held the first ever D-Vine Day on Thursday 16 September 2021.

The aim of this extremely enriching day was not only to launch the PRO version, but to show hospitality professionals how they can reinvent the value chain and offer new services to customers that make their by-the-glass wine experience special while generating additional sales – which are some of the D-Vine’s key goals.

On this occasion, we brought together industry experts in a virtual conference to discuss fundamental industry changes and the right strategies to adopt.

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